The A List: Our Picks for Top Ten Customer Service Videos

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Jul 26, 2017

It’s hot outside. So pull up a comfortable chair, settle in with a cold drink, and take a look at some of the best customer service training videos out there. While it doesn’t substitute for a real training session with one of our expert trainers, these short, instructive videos offer easy to learn tips for real time customer service interactions.

Cue the popcorn, and let’s begin!

#10. Soup Nazi

No customer service video list is complete without Seinfeld. Your agents may not sell crab bisque, but they may make phone engagement with your customers more difficult than you realize. And if they do get an “Elaine,” is your customer service team equipped to handle a difficult customer in an authentic but positive way?

#9. What People Really Want From Customer Service

Don’t leave your customer service agents in the dark. Equip them to handle the complicated calls, and difficult customers. As Matthew Dixon and his team point out in their companion piece to this video, inadequate staff training only results in higher turnover and angrier customers. Train your people, and the customers will come.

#8. How to Speak So That People Want to Listen

Feel like you talk and nobody listens? Chances are, your customer service agents feel that way too, as they experience feelings of powerlessness and frustration on a daily basis with irate callers. Sound expert Julian Treasure shares his powerful tips for how to speak with empathy, facilitating a dialogue of active listening and real understanding.

#7.Customer Service Representatives Make an Impact

Your agents may not realize the impact their behavior, attitude and even transition words have on the interaction between their customer and themselves. They have a lot more power than you might think! Here our trainer discusses the ways a customer service rep can take advantage of that “moment of truth…” and set the tone for the call in the first few seconds!

#6. Is the Force With Your Customer Service Team?

You don’t have to be in a different galaxy to experience this kind of customer service scenario. Sadly, it’s all too common. Why not provide your team an alternative, empowering way of handling calls so your customers don’t feel like blowing a planet after they hang up?

#5. Zappo’s Tony Hsieh Talks About Putting the Customer First

Zappos is one of the leading customer service superstars in the marketplace today. Watch their CEO talk about what drives their team to achieve. Hint: it’s about “delivering happiness” to both customers...and employees.

#4. Moving From Good to Great: It’s About People

Stephen Cannon, former President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, talks about helping Mercedes-Benz employees transition from providing merely average service to offering a superior experience to their customers. Now, where is that Mercedes key?

#3. Avoid Burnout

Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe shares the transformative power of doing absolutely nothing for ten minutes a day. His TED talk focuses on the necessity for all of us to refresh, recharge, and take time out to truly live in the present moment.

#2. Telephone Tyrants: Increase Empathy To Improve Customer Service

In this training video, Bonfire Training explores how getting in touch with feelings of empathy for mildly difficult callers can empower us to handle their issues more effectively. Rather than allowing oneself to become drained or irritated, focusing on empathy for the caller can help us move the conversation past anger and into real-time solutions. It works!

#1. Cold Calling 101: Never Give Up

Real life salesman and multi millionaire brokerage founder Chris Gardner lived it. Then Will Smith turned his story into a movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, a 2006 film about Gardner’s struggle with homelessness, single fatherhood, and the financial challenges that threatened to steal his dreams and ruin his plans for the future. In this clip from the film, we see his tireless cold calling technique, the one that led to his ultimate success. As he says in the movie, “You want something, you go get it. You don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Period." And that’s a lesson we can all learn from.