Change Management

Program Format

Conflict Management is a one-day course. This course will help you prepare your team members for managing change, engaging your team members through the change process, and in driving positive change outcomes for your team members and your business.

In this course, we will review in detail how to adapt to change in the workplace – even take advantage of it!


Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding how people respond to change.
  • Understanding the relationship between change and improvement.
  • Outlining common misconceptions about change.
  • Analyzing and assessing the impact of change.
  • Implementing processes to support change.
  • Ensuring your culture supports change.
  • Identifying and addressing concerns of team members and overcoming barriers to change.
  • Motivating employees and preventing failure.
  • Developing commitment from your team members.
  • Success factors of organizational change and the need for constant and consistent communication.

Business Outcomes


Understanding and appreciating the benefits of organizational change in the workplace.

Identifying and developing skills for effectively communicating change.


Recognizing the obstacles to change and how to address resistance.

Understanding how to promote successful change.


Who should attend?

This training is ideal for team members who manage employees through change, or for team members who are responsible for building change management plans. Also ideal for Human Resources professionals or any team members who will be facing significant organizational change.
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Be prepared to face change head on!

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