First Time Manager

Program Format

Becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging and critical career transitions. New managers are often chosen from high-performing individuals. These highly proficient doers quickly become struggling new managers without the methods or skills needed to succeed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast the workplace roles of an individual contributor and manager, and identify the new mind-set required for making the transition.
  • Learn the Four Core Conversations based on the secrets of The New One Minute Manager: Goal Setting, Praising, Redirecting, and Wrapping Up.
  • Gain skills needed to boost relationships and work well with others based on our time-tested coaching model: Listen to Learn, Inquire For Insight, Tell Your Truth, Express Confidence.
  • Practice for Essentials Skills and the Four Core Conversations using real-work situations.

Development Outcomes


First-time managers are better prepared for challenging transition

Be better prepared for challenging transitions


Participants have the opportunity to learn and proactive essentials skills

New managers are more centered on and supportive of their team right from the start


Who should attend?

First-time and established managers, and those considering a transition into management. New managers wanting to increase their leadership effectiveness. Mid-level or new managers or supervisors.
Overcome New Challenges

Give Managers The Essential Skills They Need To Succeed

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