Our Customer Service Training Methods

We get sparks flying!

When you team up with Bonfire Training, you’re tapping in to 30+ years of quality education and group training techniques. Your company’s service culture needs all hands on deck, and our proven customer service training methods can help bring your team to a whole new level—no matter what industry you’re working in.

Our Trainers teach communication skills for frontline staff and managers, all the way to C-level professionals. With courses for advanced customer service training, leadership, team building, and sales, we’ve got just what you need to ignite long-term change.

Effective Customer Service Training

Our most successful clients complete their customer service training objectives in a 3-prong process: Tailor, Train, and Sustain. Hands down, the best way to get started is to have one of our Trainers visit your team in-person.

With our OnSite Training programs, your organization gets the power of customization. We custom-fit all of our OnSite customer service training methods to best meet your unique situation. In doing so, we learn how to speak your industry’s language and can deliver the effective customer service training you’re been looking for. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tailor—OnSite Training gives our clients highly customized content that covers the more advanced customer service training topics. Your Trainer will take an entire day to shadow your operation, get to know the supervisors, and learn about what’s working for your organization and what needs brushing up.
  2. Train—We always cater the OnSite Training material to match your schedule and goals. The real bonus is that you get the energy of a dynamic speaker! Live training lets us answer all of your team members’ questions throughout the program, use specific examples for your customer service training objectives, and redirect the material as needed.
  3. Sustain—This is where the magic happens. Remember: We’re not just engaging your team for a day—the goal is to completely reinvent your customer service culture. Your Trainer is going to give your team the tools they need to adapt to any situation. You should be able to see the benefits of customer service training in action the very next day!

To keep the fire burning, we can also provide clients with ongoing materials online. That way, even new hires can get up to speed on day one. All of our Bonfire Training programs are easy to sustain because they’re practical and powerful. We’re teaching skills your team members actually appreciate!

More Options for Customer Service Excellence Training

We know it can be challenging to set time aside for training workshops, and we’re not looking to cramp your style. If you can’t commit to a full day of OnSite Training, be sure to check out our other customer service excellence training options:

OnSite Training—The custom-fit approach

OnDemand Training—Online customer service training

Remote Training—When teams need more flexibility

eLearning Modules—When you need it customized for your LMS

In each Bonfire program, we aim to put Common Sense into Common Practice. It’s the only way to deliver a solid ROI to your organization! Engaging and effective training has to resonate with anyone—on every level. That’s where Bonfire Training comes in.

Give us a call at (800) 888-4893 or send us a message to find the right training for your organization.