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"I’ve worked for three banks, two insurance companies, and a few retail sales jobs too.  This presentation was like a ‘greatest hits’ album.  It picked the strongest elements of sales psychology and combined them into a presentation."


If you want your customer service to go the extra mile, you’ll need a training program that stands above the rest. Each Bonfire OnSite customer service training program is custom-fit to your needs, with topics that help meet your customer service goals.

Want to know what a typical training schedule might look like?  Check this out and then contact us so we can customize a program for your team!

Typical customer service, coaching and train the trainer week schedule.

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No matter what industry you’re in, our wide selection of OnSite Training courses can give your new hires, management, and seasoned professionals the tools they need to represent your organization in the best light. 


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Customer Service Training

Sometimes it’s best to start at square one. When teams still need to master the basics, a group training session can help get everyone up to speed. OnSite Training seminars allow us to get really specific with your customer service training programs. Because we start off with an Observation Day, we’re able to figure out the exact customer service training scenarios that will be most valuable for your employees to review, including:

We cover phrasing, tone of voice, and how to control a conversation in each of OnSite customer service training seminars. Plus there’s plenty of time for discussion and practice. Whether your clients are reaching out in person, by email, or over the phone, good training can help ensure a positive interaction—every time.

Team Building Training

You don’t have to drag your team through an obstacle course just to say you’ve had a bonding experience. It can be a lot more productive (and, dare we say it—more fun) to let one of our Trainers come to you! Our team building training content is highly engaging, and clients love telling us that their participation that has benefited them both in and out of the office. Talk about a win-win! Some of our best team topics include:

When your team members know more about themselves and others, all of your day-to-day interactions can improve. And if management teams also get involved in training, the results can really shine. Bonfire customer service certification and our customer service train the trainer courses also offer fantastic ways to keep leaders informed. Show your organization you care with a day dedicated to community. We’ll bring out the best in your team and help light the way toward a bright future of strong company culture.

Conflict Management Training

When workflow dynamics feel “off,” it’s a huge drain on resources—both financially and emotionally.  Fortunately, our conflict management training workshops offer a safe space for analyzing trouble-spots and triggers. We like to look at conflict as a catalyst for change, either within a team or with customer interactions. Dealing with employee burn-out? Give one of these courses a try:

Devoting a day to training can help get everyone back on track and out of any professional ruts they’ve been stuck in. Our certified Trainers provide neutral mediation to any group’s struggles. The result? Less stress for your customers, service reps, and managers. We all deserve some breathing room now and then. Like team building training, our strategic conflict management training programs can improve everyone’s chances of ending their day with a smile.

For additional information on Bonfire Training and all of our OnSite customer service training courses, please give us a call at (800) 888-4893 or send a message to info@bonfiretraining.com. We’d be happy to talk!